Find out: Should You Quit or Not?

The only way to break through your current circumstances and live the life that you deserve!

Why Should You Quit?

Disclaimer – These ideas are not based on rationalization. Only those who are willing to put best of their efforts, commit to develop the skills and engagement needed to start a new career, a relationship, health goals or anything new – should proceed ahead. If you are looking for another motivational stuff just because you can’t get your asses moving and committing to the efforts needed, you should better stop right here.

The Social Deception

We live in a society which bases itself on the values of hard work, endurance, positive thinking and never give up attitude. Quitting something is associated to a Loser’s perspective. “Quitters never win and winners never quit” is one of the biggest narrative fallacies around. This propaganda about quitting may be preventing us from living a purposeful life. We are ready to feel dreaded and lifeless like a machine rather than feeling alive and joyful. Rather than feeling connected with what we are doing, we are ready to stay on this treadmill which will never come to stop. Not just our career opportunities but even our health, finances, relationships, friends and every other thing that causes misery. But just because society states that it’s COWARDICE to QUIT, we never even try.

The Social DeceptionI know its not a wise thing to preach here where I am trying on one hand to give my ideas over positive thinking, purpose full living, personal development and never giving up and on other hand I am presenting ideas on QUITTING. Get this very clear, Quitting is not GIVING UP! Yes you need to have a vision, work towards it and let no stone unturned till you achieve your goal. But if something in your life just doesn’t feel right, doesn’t bring us any engagement or enthusiasm, doesn’t keep us excited for the next coming day then something is  extremely wrong my friend. You must consider your options of quitting.

Why to let go!

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

Why to let go!Sometimes its necessary to letting go of things that don’t feel right . Only then we can open our eyes towards new doors of opportunities. Only two things can bring a new change in our life if we feel lost and purposeless:

1. Something new comes to our lives like a new person, a new job or a new event like winning a lottery that completely changes the course of our lives and lets us breakthrough from the present circumstances.

2. Rather than something new coming in our life, something new originates within us. A new desire, a new faith, a new courage, a new vision , a new enthusiasm, something new that forces us to go out in the world and do something that is fulfilling to us.

For majority of people, luck is not that easy to come. Only a thin strand of people in the whole world have the ability to get that lucky and that too only once in a while. For majority of us it’s the 2nd change that matters the most.

Don’t get too caught up in your comfort levels. Remember, its OK to bring a change in life, even if its Quitting our present circumstances and exploring new options.

“The Sign” is the Sign!

So many people have different excuses to not QUIT their present circumstances but the most common of all is when they quote “I’ll quit when the time is right….I’ll change when I’ll get a sign from something or someone .” The simplest answer I can provide to this monologue is “That longing for a Sign in itself is the Sign.” When your heart and intuition is telling you that you need some outer force  to give you a sign to quit, that in itself is the sign that its time to change. The Sign is the Sign. We get so caught up in the worldly stuff, in our misery, remain trapped in our brain and forget to listen to our intuition and gut feeling which is the purest of sign that you can ever get. GOD or some knight on a horse is not gonna come, take your hand and make you Quit. You’ve got to say “I need to take control over my life. I need to change”.

“The Sign” is the Sign!

You might have your doubts but that’s fine . You might not know what to do or where to start? How its gonna turn out? And to some extent it’s ok to have doubts cause that’s when the most important qualities of a human being comes into play. The extreme Courage, Trust and Faith. That immense belief in your ability to figure things out no matter how hard it seems at first.

I am not promising you a comfortable life, but who wants one? Life is all about adventure, something new coming in everyday, the excitement, the aliveness, that’s what life is all about. Having the courage to go into unknown and trust in your abilities, that’s what keeps you growing every single day and if if you stop growing its equivalent to death.

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