mass gainer vs whey protein

Mass Gainer Vs Whey Protein

Does mass gainer or weight gainer really work? If yes then which brand is the best? This is a question most of the skinny guys have. Most of the ectomorphs, who are typically hard gainers, tend to look for an easy mode of calories. This article will help you understand between mass gainer vs whey protein & what you should go for?

A lot of people are confused between mass gainer vs whey protein just because their gym trainer suggests them to get a weight gainer. The reason they suggest you to get gainer instead of whey protein is that, gainers are high in calories as compared to whey protein and most of the calories in weight gainer comes from carbs. As most of us know that a person can gain weight only when he is in a calories surplus state. In order to achieve your daily calorie goal, people sometimes choose to opt for a supplement (mass gainers) which to me is not a wise decision. In order to get results quickly trainers ask you to choose the short path and in some cases, they also force you (directly or indirectly) to buy the supplements from them. It’s just because weight gainers are the cheapest supplement (for manufacturers) and it costs you more than a whey protein. Their attempt to sell weight gainers instead of whey protein is due to the extra margin they could probably get from it. So, we all need to understand the differences between Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein and according our need & requirements we should choose between them.

When we compare mass gainer vs whey protein, I give thumbs up to whey protein. But I have seen a lot of cases when people with minimum exposure to gym or exercise are looking for alternates and sports supplement. For the first 6 months, I don’t think a regular person needs any kind of dietary supplement. It’s the time when you develop your base. The only thing which I suggest is to have a good multivitamin and multi mineral. Try to get the desired calories (according to your goal) by your regular diet. Then as you progress with time, add a post workout whey protein. In you are too skinny or underweight and let’s say you need to increase 10-20 Kgs of weight, you need to understand that it will not happen overnight and any mass gainer will not help you gain that weight in a month or two. A well-planned diet is the key to achieve your goal. Otherwise, you may end up gaining fat instead of muscles.

This brings me to the point that, are you aware of your body? Do you actually know that if you consume weight gainer instead of whey protein in order to gain weight than what is your actual goal? Is it just gaining weight or gaining muscle mass? Most of us want to gain muscle mass and not fat. So when you consume mass gainer, you are consuming a large number of carbs and fats along with protein. So if your diet is not perfect, you may end up gaining fat, which I am sure you don’t want.

Final verdict

To me, weight gainers and mass gainers are a total waste of money. It cost you more than a whey protein and the macros which it contains (mostly carbs) is the cheapest among all 3 macro which our body needs. So instead of getting your additional calories from gainers, I would suggest consuming carb rich foods like oats, brown rice, fruits, wheat etc. Try to be in a caloric surplus state and divide your macros in a proper ratio. 30% protein, 50% carbs and 20% fat is a perfect macro ratio for gaining and this ratio can easily be achieved from regular food items.