Who doesn’t love chocolate ice creams and cookies? They all say never give up on something that you love, so if you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy, does that mean you need to ban those cheat meals from your life? Absolutely not.

Losing fat would obviously require cutting out junk food and cheat meals from your diet and sticking to healthy meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. But if you keep craving for your favorite ice cream and you force yourself to stay away from it, you’ll attract a lot of negativity. You won’t enjoy your meals either and if you don’t see immediate results, you’ll blame yourself. To keep up with what your body craves for, you need to take a day off once in a while and enjoy the food that you love.

Introducing Cheat Meals

However, doing this too often might get in the way of your goals. One day in two weeks is a good place to start. It helps to keep your sanity through this weight loss journey. Your mind tends to fight against you when you decide to not listen to it. You do this while fighting every craving that you have ever had, sometimes giving in (I hope it is only sometimes!). But every now and then, you should let your mind win, so that you you feel satisfied.

Remember one thing : Quantity is key. You cannot have huge cheat meals full of burgers and pizzas and a load of ice creams. Just one thing that you like in a small quantity is all you get. Enjoy it. Savor it.

It is observed that if you have a binge meal sometimes, there will be lesser chances of you cheating on your diet for the rest of the week. Since your body is already satisfied, it won’t fight it as much and you’ll feel much better staying with your diet.

So next time around, throw in some ice creams into your diet at the end of the week and enjoy it guilt-free.   

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