It is harder for women to lose fat. If you have been experimenting a lot with your diet and workouts and yet struggling with weight loss, you can blame your hormones for it.

Since ancient times, women have always been able to adapt more easily than men because of their survival need. Women are responsible for reproduction and for providing proper nourishment for their children. This is why their bodies are used to storing as much fat as they can get from food.

Males vs Females

Most of the fat in men are stored under their skin, i.e., subcutaneous fat. And this is the fat that you want to get rid of for more muscle definition and the toned look. However, women store most of their fat as intramuscular fat. So even when you do cardio and HIIT training, you lose more fat from your muscles, which is why your muscles won’t look as toned as men’s. As I said, Female fat loss is complicated.

Your hormonal changes play a very important role in fat loss. Your weight tends to fluctuate the week closer to your period. A lot of your hormonal levels change a lot throughout your menstrual cycle. This makes it even harder to keep a track of your weight. So if you get paranoid about your weight, you will lose motivation and backtrack from your training.

The Ultimate Female Fat loss Solution

For female fat loss to be effective, make sure that you incorporate a high training volume. Do heavy weight training and include cardio as well. Notice how your body responds to different kinds of workouts and make a schedule according to what works best for you. If you have fluctuations in your weight even though you have been working hard, it is because of your hormones, so don’t worry about it. Feed yourself at regular intervals and eat more home-made meals including a lot of vegetables and fruits. Be patient with your results. You will eventually get there.

Female Fat Loss might not be easy, but with right guidance and strategies, you can definitely achieve the physique you always wanted.

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