Cheap Diet Plan

Love eating Indian food? I love it too. Undoubtedly, it is delicious and rich. But most Indian foods can lead to weight gain if not eaten in moderation, but guess what, strength upgrade has the solution to it and we will help you in your fat loss goals by suggesting a cheap diet plan but a healthy one. We “strength upgrade” understand the fact that not everyone can afford a rich diet plan or expensive supplements for bodybuilding, so, we are going to suggest you a very healthy & cheap diet plan which will help you achieve your fitness goal. & trust us guys, it is well tested & proven.

If you are an Indian and looking for a healthy & cheap diet plan, then you are at the right place. So without wasting any further time, lets get started and trust me it will help you reach your fat loss goals in no time.

So first of all lets take a reference and assume that the girl/guy who is going to follow this diet plan for fat loss has body weight of somewhere between 75-85 kgs and height of 5 feet and 8 inches or around 6 feet and has a need of 2200-2400 maintenance calories per day and her/his body fat percentage is somewhere between 20-25 percent.

If you fit in above mentioned category, perfect, but if you don’t, you can alter a few things here and there and it will be perfect for fat loss.

So for you to start losing fat, your daily caloric intake has to be cut by 10-15 percent of your maintenance calories. So the final need for your body would be 1900 calories as per this for fat loss. Pls go ahead to see our a very healthy & cheap diet plan for fat loss.

Now lets talk of the macros you will be needing for fat loss.


1gram per body weight of protein

70grams of fats

And 160grams of carbohydrates


With these things known, lets see how to take them, when and what would be the ingredients for fat loss.


40 grams of oatmeal or 30 grams of corn flakes

1 Banana

5 egg whites

Macros : 44grams of carbs

19 gram protein

7 gram fats

LUNCH 12:30 PM

50 gm of kidney beans (cooked dal)

50 gm of chickpeas (cooked dal)

100 gm of tofu (cooked, as per your liking)

100 gm of paneer (cooked, as per your liking)

Macros : 47gm carbs

52gm proteins

24gm fats


100gm tofu

20 almonds

Macros : 2 gm carbs

21gm proteins

14 gm fats


30gm oatmeal

4 egg whites+1 yolk

Macros : 18gm carbs

18gm proteins

6gm fats


50gm kidney beans

1 whole egg, 5 egg whites

100 gram paneer

2 chapatis

Macros : 50gm carbs

50gm proteins

27gm fats

So the total macros would be

160gms of carbs

160gms of proteins

And 70gms of fats

And total calories would be equal to 1900.

So that’s it guys. It’s the ultimate indian cheap diet plan that you were looking for. At first, it may be difficult and boring for you but after one week, when you start getting the fat loss results from it, you will be okay.