Top 10 Fat Loss Myths De-bunked, Let’s talk about them!

Tired of doing countless crunches, running on treadmill for hours, following every other diet plan available on this planet but still you are not getting the “Desired” results ?Why even after spending hours and hours in the gym and doing exactly what you have read on the internet you are not getting the results you want ? If you want to know the answer ,I’ll let you know but be warned that it will make you question your blind  beliefs . So , Let’s start then  as you are probably among those 9 out of 10 guys who are following these fat loss myths and wondering why you are still on level zero .


  1. Don’t eat after 7 pm

This is a very common myth related to fat loss.Your body needs energy to work 24/7 .For fat loss you should eat a healthy balanced diet that will give your body continuous energy to burn fat and boost metabolism.So you need to stop following this myth for fat loss.


  1. You have to eliminate carbs from your diet

Again this truly makes no sense, when it comes to fat loss , as carbs are the primary source of energy for our body to keep functioning all its activities.So ,You need carbs for burning fat keep this in mind .


  1. Weight loss and Fat loss are one and the same thing

You need to understand that weight loss and fat loss are two different things ,however they both are related to each other but that doesn’t gives you guarantee  that if you are losing weight then also you are losing fat, one of the greatest fat loss myth.


  1. Spot Reduction

No exercise or workout routine will ever give you spot reduction for fat loss.Whenever you will lose fat you will lose it from all over your body but not from a particular spot.However doing a exercise for a particular spot or area will strengthen that but that doesn’t mean it will burn fat only from that area.


  1. Fat will turn into muscle

This is very common notion among gym goers that with span of time their Fat will turn into muscle. You need to understand fats are stored  in the form of fatty acids while muscles are made up of muscle fibres.No magic pill is gonna do this for you .


  1. HIIT is the only way to go for fat loss

I’m feeling sorry for you if you are following this bro science. Studies have shown that you need a proper combination of Low intensity cardio along with high intensity cardio for losing the fat.Variation always work , keep this in mind always .


  1. Fat burners and pills

We all have seen those fitness models popping on our Tv channels late night flaunting their chiseled bodies and giving credit to xyz pill or fat burner .Guys remember no pill or fat burner will give you results unless you work your ass off . Don’t fall for marketing tactics of these companies.


  1. Cutting excessive calories from diet

This one is one of the most trickiest part .Know that you don’t have to cut your calories excessively for rapid fat loss.You need to strategise how to cut your calories from your daily calory intake so that your metabolism doesn’t get screwed up.


  1. Drinking cold water will help your burn fat

I seriously don’t know from where it came but I have seen many people doing this.The theory they give is body will need to adjust its temperature after drinking cold water and in this process body will Be burning fat but its an absolute myth.


  1. Higher the frequency of cardio higher will be the fat loss

Don’t ever think spending countless hours doing cardio will help you in burning fat.You need to lift weights also along with proper routine of cardio to burn the stubborn fat around your body.


So if you are following any if these myths , stop doing it and see how results will follow.Thank me later.