Why You can never get rid of Lower Belly Fat?


Struggling with “Lower Belly Fat”?

I often get this question asked as to how am I able to have 6 Pack abs all year Around and still stay Strong and Healthy?

What all supplements, fat burners and dieting methods I use to keep those Abs year around?

Here’s the Answer!

No Supplements and No restrictive dieting methods!

Yes, you saw that right. In midst of all the supplement bullshit that’s going around in the fitness Industry, we’ve been made to believe that we can never have or maintain those Six Pack without Supplements.

I am here to make you aware that you do not need to waste your or your Parent’s Hard earned money on any Fat burners or useless supplements.

We have actually forgotten that Our body doesn’t care if we want a Six Pack or Huge Biceps. It has its own survival mechanisms and it works according to that. Ignoring this mechanism and trying to force it to work according to you never works. Maybe in short term but never in the long run.

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That’s why you see so many fitness freaks and Bodybuilders get those Abs around competition and then BOOM, The Belly starts coming out within couple of weeks. And many of them , Just to stay in contest shape starts moving towards steroids which unless you are competing at the Elite Pro Level and Have already reached your maximum genetic potential naturally, is totally useless.woman-stomachache

The main reason for that lower belly fat and especially when you are quite lean, is not lack of supplementation or bad dieting techniques. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s because of The Inflammation in Your Gut.

I realized this when I studied a lot of Natural Healing and Naturopathy methods while I was suffering with the after effects of Typhoid and struggling with Lower Belly Fat. We are unaware that most of food items and especially those supplements we talk about contains so many artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives which are not naturally digested by our body.All the more, most of us are allergic to gluten in wheat and Lactose in Milk Products.


All these elements in conjunction leads to inflammation in Gut. This inflammation causes auto immune diseases and build up of toxins.

As I said, the survival mechanism has no option but to redirect majority of its nutrients and “water” to heal the gut and dilute the toxicity. That is why you see that water retention and sagging fat layer in your lower belly.

Even the Diuretics will have a temporary effect because as soon as you quit them, the inflammation will cause water retention again. So although you are cursing your genetics for that, its actually your body trying to save you from Toxicity and Heal the Gut. Its your Bad dieting habits and overuse of supplements.

When the gut is inflamed, it does not absorb nutrients and foods properly and so fatigue and bloating can occur.

I’ve dedicated 2 years in studying about Natural healing which when combined with unique Bodybuilding and Fitness methods has equipped me with some of the most elusive and rarely used Dietary and Detox techniques which is Guaranteed to Get you Rid of that Inflammation and Food Allergies and as a result give you guys those Sexy Six Pack Abs which you can easily have year around even while eating all the foods you love to eat without stressing about bloating or gaining Belly Fat.

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The sole purpose of me sharing all this is to debunk all these stupid myths about Abs, Steroids and Supplements and get you guys in the best shape of your Life in the healthiest and most Natural Way Possible.No-Fat-Burners

For my clients looking to get rid of lower belly fat I always make sure they get fit with least usage of supplements which do not include BCAA’s, Glutamine, carnitine or CLA, Testosterone Boosters and many other bogus stuff.. They are, they were and they will remain useless according to my experience both with myself and my clients.




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