Building Muscle with digestive problems: Top 4 Fixes

What all changes you need to make to Gain Muscle when facing a Gastrointestinal Disorder?


Trust me! I am encountering increasing number of bodybuilders complaining of digestive problems and their inability to assimilate the food properly. Which indirectly hampers their ability to build Muscle or Lose fat. This can especially be a frustrating problem for a seasoned athlete who needs to up the amount of calories by consuming copious amount of food but cannot, because of the gastrointestinal disorders.

The reason for these digestive problems can be many and may even be a result of some chronic degenerative disorder due to bad food or chemicals. But whatever it is, I can completely understand how tough it becomes as a Bodybuilder when you are always gassy and uncomfortable.

Now I am not a medical expert but over 5 years of experience in Nutrition and after suffering from a heck lot of digestion problems for over 2 years, I came up with a plan which alleviated the majority of discomfort and digestion problems associated with it. So here are my Top 4 fixes to counter any gastric problem to Build Muscle succesfully without the dreaded zone of Bloating and Gas:

Top Fixes for Building Muscle with Digestive Problems:

1. Detoxdigestive-problems-Detox-Diets-For-Weight-Loss

Yes, detox is one of the best solutions to get rid of most of your digestive problems. Why? Because you need it. We all know that quality of food even the so called “healthy foods” have degraded crazily over the last decade. The extensive use of chemicals, fertilizers and treatment methods to enhance the flavouring, growth and aesthetics has led to cascade of inflammatory responses in our bodies. These inflammations are the biggest cause for weak digestive system.

The best way to counter this problem is to eliminate all foods that may cause inflammation for a short period of time after every few months to aid the body to heal itself. Now there are myriad of Detox methods out there on Internet. Some are moderately tough to execute but some are just too extreme.

For Muscle Building purposes, you don’t need to go too crazy on Detox. Just go for Boiled Vegetable soup plus Fruit Juice Detox for 3-5 days, where the only thing you will be consuming is a serving of Fresh Fruit juice of Seasonal Fruit first thing in the Morning and then 3 Servings of Vegetable soup at intervals of 4 hours. This would make sure you are not consuming any Inflammatory foods and help your body to heal.

Remember, this is not a quick fix. You have to be consistent with it. Perform a 3-5 day detox after every 2 months and within an year you will see amazing results.

2. Give Supplements a Rest


When looking to get rid of gastrointestinal disorders, the first and foremost thing you want to do is eliminate any artificial foods that contain artificial sweeteners, flavours, colors or anything that does not come straight from the soil. Why? Because they are the ones that cause most inflammation in Intestines and result in poor digestion.

And when it comes to Building Muscle, the first thing that comes to my mind are supplements. Whey Protein, Pre Workouts, Energy Drinks or any supplement that consists of Artificial stuff must be eliminated if you want to see some major improvement in digestion.

Also eliminate milk from your Diet as majority of people with Digestive Problems are Lactose Intolerant and this can cause an inflammatory response too.

Now you can keep arguing with me on this but trust me, when it comes to inflammation, your body will thank you once you get rid of all these artificial foods. Eat only whole real foods that are easy to digest on personal preference like potatoes, oatmeal, eggs, rice, pulses etc.

The only supplements you should look out for to heal your gut are Glutamine (Free Form), Omega 3 (Anti Inflammatory) and a Multivitamin (Iron Free) .

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3. Include Digestive Enzymes and Probioticsdigestive-problems-probiotic-foods

If you suffer from Digestive Problems there’s a big chance that you have substandard enzymatic activity which leads to improper digestion of foods. Due to this the food stays in the Intestines for too long and becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of Bacteria and Yeast which further worsens the problem. It is best to go for a good quality Digestive Enzymes in order to help the body to assimilate whatever you eat.

Consume these enzymes after each meal especially when you are eating multiple times a day for Muscle Building purposes. Not only these will help to digest the food but also get rid of the discomfort due to bloating and gas.

In conjunction with Digestive Enzymes you must buy a good strain of Probiotics. When you face digestive problems there’s a big imbalance between the good bacteria and the bad ones. In short you can set an Imbalance in the Gut Flora. A good Strain Probiotics will restore the Gut Flora balance.

4. Final Fix: Go for Naturopathy or Homeopathydigestive-problems-Homeo-pathy

Finally for a long term healing, get hold of a good Naturopath or Homeopathy doctor as these are the only 2 ways you can treat these problems naturally. From my personal experience and after a lot of research I have found that only Natural Treatments like these 2 can permanently help you to get rid of any sort of Digestive problems. It might not be an instantaneous relief as we all are familiar with, but your goal should always be of Long term health than short term quick fixes.

If you are in India and interested in knowing more about these treatments, you can mail me your details with your name, city and health condition at

I’ll be happy to help you guys.

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