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What is Strength Upgrade?

Strength doesn’t just refer to lifting weights and building muscle. Of course physical strength has a huge part in the overall growth of an individual. But it is only when our body and mind becomes one, that coherence works together to generate the strongest manifestation of an individual. Only through non-stop learning and implementation of that knowledge we can win the “Game of life” by upgrading our strengths every day.

Strength Upgrade is a spotlight on some of the most powerful, tested and unbiased insights in the world of physical fitness along with empowerment towards life skills and personal development. There is always a “Mental Component” involved to whatever you do in life. All these elements align together, to give you a real Strength Upgrade.

Who we are?

Abhinav Mahajan

Industry – Fitness, Nutrition, Mobility, Physiotherapy, Fashion and Personal Development.

About Me – High Both on Life & Motivation, Abhinav is a Natural Transformation Specialist and a succesful Online Personal Trainer. He is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. Because of his insatiable hunger for knowledge for over a decade now, he has self educated himself to some of the most unorthodox training methods. Along with expertise in becoming a lean, mean, ripped machine, he has expanded his fitness realm towards more of crossfit and functional training. When he is not deadlifting the world, Abhinav works as a well established fashion model both in India and Internationally.

If you have any queries or require help with your fitness goals, contact him at abhinavfitness@gmail.com

Kriti ShastryKriti-Shastry

Industry – Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development

About Me – Kriti Shastry is a fitness expert working with HealthifyMe. She is passionate about weight lifting and motivating as many people as possible to bring about a change in their lifestyle. She also has a YouTube channel which aims at doing the same. Having gone through a transformation herself, she understands how much of a difference working out has on a person and genuinely wants every single person to go through it and be better physically, mentally and emotionally. When she is not around weights, she loves to write articles, travel new places, meet amazing people, and visit new cafe`s just for coffee. Also, she is an amazing dancer and has learnt Bharatanatyam for 10 years.

If you have any queries or require help with your fitness goals, contact her at fitnessintensified@gmail.com .

Ankit SharmaAnkit-Sharma

Industry – Natural Physique Competitor

About Me – A fitness freak by heart but a manager in head.Loves day dreaming because dreams which we saw by keeping eyes wide open never let’s us sleep.Either can we have excuses or results.I’m always up for anything related to fitness be it motivating a new guy in gym or learning from my senior. TALK LESS DO MORE.

If you have any queries or require help with your fitness goals, contact him at gemini.sharma40@gmail.com .

Ramninder Singh

Industry – Nutrition Expert and Meal Plan Architect

About Me – An avid fitness enthusiast. Graduated as food technologist from Punjab Agricultural University. With Passion, Persitence along with manifested consummate effort led to bagging the title of Mr. PAU. Inspired to promote natural bodybuilding and spreading awareness among youth about pros of healthy lifestyle, fitness , exercise and cons of drugs and steroids.

If you have any queries or require help with your fitness goals, contact him at borntoenjoy89@gmail.com .

Hrithik Sharma

Industry – Fitness Enthusiast

About Me

A hardcore fitness enthusiast who just loves to motivate and help others in whatever ways possible.Currently a college student who is working to pursue a career as a nutritionist.Spent a lot of time and money on useless techniques and supplements,so dont want you to go through the same.Come,be a part of our family and lets strive to be fit ! Not just physically , but mentally and socially also.

If you have any queries or require help with your fitness goals, contact him at hrithiksharma619@gmail.com .

How are we different?

Unlike your commercial fitness websites we are free from any media bias and control. We are not trying to sell you anything. Our focus is to provide you only the selected information that has been tested and scientifically proved. from building muscle to gaining strong perspectives in life, everything we present here has a purpose behind it.

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar market and is flooded with extensive variety of workouts, training methods, nutrition advice and supplements. Every time we see a commercial fitness or bodybuilding site, the major dilemma is which workout, nutrition or supplements are best for you. Everyone is unique and has different levels of experience. At strength upgrade we try to precisely:-

  • Specify and simplify the most effective training methods which can be easily understood and executed by the athlete.
  • Bust the most annoying myths of fitness industry and reveal some of the most important and hidden facts about training, nutrition and supplementation which other commercial sites won’t tell you because its free.
  • Provide Tips and tricks to further upgrade the levels of building muscle, strength and endurance.
  • Providing all the non bullshit insights for diet and supplementation covering the whole array of nutrition with an added bonus of healthy and mouth watering recipes.
  • Concentrate on building a functional body that is physiologically balanced and less prone to injury.

Whether its career, social life or happiness quotient, we definitely are a generation that is becoming less tougher and delving in fear of standing apart from the rest of the crowd. This is where the mental toughness and life skills come into play and makes you an overall stronger individual. We want you to become a potent source of new ideas and inspiration. Only when physical and mental component work in conjunction, you can stand the test of challenging times whether it’s becoming fitter in the gym or being more satisfied, creative and happier individual outside the gym.

How to use Strength Upgrade?

You can use Strength Upgrade as a guide to all your answers in the world of fitness, nutrition and supplementation, personal development and life skills.

There are 5 major categories that highlights this ultimate guide:

1. Muscle Building – As the name suggests this category will give you the best tips and tricks on covering the most common How’s and What’s of building muscle and inducing Hypertrophy. It has a whole different range of some of the most powerful both old-school and modern workout methods that will help you reach your muscle building goals in no time.

2. Strength & Endurance – “A bigger muscle is always a stronger muscle”. Physical Strength is a crucial component in life. Here we discuss the proven methods to take this component to a whole new level. This section also provides various cardio and endurance techniques that will help you to build that sexy six pack abs and attain a whole new level of fitness.

3. Nutrition – Nutrition is one of the most biased and misunderstood component in fitness in which the media has a huge role to play. Every year a new fad diet or a new exotic supplement comes into the market. Here we trump all the myths about nutrition and supplementation. We will tell you exactly what diet would get you closer towards you’re your goal and keep you nourished as well. You will see a whole range of diets, healthy recipes and myths & facts about diet and nutrition.

4. Physiology – The body is a complex machine. Just knowing the right exercises and diet is not enough. Taking care of your body is a priority. Not just from outside but also within. There is an intricate communication among various cells, tissues, organs, hormones and systems that serve to co-ordinate its overall function. Even at rest, the body is physiologically quite active. We strive not just for stronger or bigger but also functional body. There is no use of being strong if you are always sick or injured.

5. Mind & Spirit – Training mind along with the body is considered one of the biggest priorities for athletes even at the highest levels. Whether it’s making critical decisions, getting out of tough situations or motivating yourself, our intuitions and gut feelings have a huge role. The only way to harness these intuitions and gut feelings is to shut down all the useless distractions & mind chatter and connect deep within yourself. This is where the coherence of mind, body and spirit comes into play.

The Power of Four P’s

Physical strength, Proper nutrition, Physiological balance and Powerful mind are the essential components of a complete and strong individual. It’s when all these components work in conjunction only then you will a Strength Upgrade. So, let’s commit ourselves to getting stronger every single day and empower others to achieve the same.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at contact(at)strengthupgrade(dot)com.

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